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Organic hat — Must have eco-wearable



This organic hat never goes out of style. Made of high quality 100% organic cotton. Not only sustainable but endurable for many years to come, the sustainable choice for the everyday use!

When you order we carefully produce each hat with the most attention to details both in sewing phase and in the embroidery phase. Therefore, guaranteeing 100% quality in the product we offer to you.

Technicals characteristics

The production process

We make the organic hat especially for you as soon as you place an order. As a result, we reduce overproduction and fabric waste contrary with what most brands on today world are focusing, which is to make more profit by exploiting the cheapest labor around using an infinite supply of chemicals in the soil, water and seeds without minding the long term impact on the people’s lives and on the planet sustainability.

The goals of Fund a Hive

Therefore we needed to make a sincere appeal to you, as you know, the bees are the most important pollinator that exists in the planet. We are creating and continuously growing a network of beekeepers worldwide that care about this amazing species that provide us most of the food we have in our plates, to be precise is about two thirds of all the food we eat. With this in mind we are building the future and we want you along the way, get involved and make your voice heard.

In conclusion, Fund a Hive first aims to sell only the most natural products. Secondly we give beekeepers material to grow their business. Last but not less important we created a community of people that care and earn money along the whole way.

Check more on how we help the bees here!

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