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Together we can save the bees and improve the planet trough our eco-conscious way of living. All our products are made using organic fabrics and we use recycled packaging to minimize the impact on the planet.  

Today you can join our community of ambassadors and inspire millions of people while having fun and representing our brand online. 

We prefer commitment, free-spirit and inspiring mindset over number of followers and likes.

 How the program works?

1.  You apply to become our brand ambassador filling the form below

2.  If you’re chosen to represent our brand, you’ll receive a 10% ambassador personalized discount code, that you can share with your family, friends and followers.

3.  You’ll get paid 10% commission every time a purchase is made trough your referral code.

 Please note that the program does not offer free products, remember our mission is to save the bees over anything else!