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We are the first ethical brand that gives back directly to the bees!

Why Fund a Hive?

The bees are considered the most important pollinators in the planet.  They play a vital role in every aspect of the ecosystem, supporting the growth of trees, plants and flowers; which provide us humans and other species most of the food crops we eat. 

Our carbon footprint and pesticides are killing bee population worldwide, this is why Fund a Hive born, to change this. We are an Italian clothing brand that produces using only organic cotton and low impact wrapping materials and with the profits Fund a Hive directly support, reproduce and enhance bee habitats worldwide.

– Edoardo Salvatorelli

Founder of Fund a Hive

Only organic cotton

Our farmers grow organic cotton alongside food that feed their families while nurturing the soil.

We certificate our textiles with the Global Organic Textile Standard, this way the use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited, and all waste water is treated, protecting workers and their water supplies. 

Also our production farms produce 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular cotton farms.

No fast fashion

The goal is to produce products for the everyday use of the families and individuals, not to chase hypes and trends. This is why our workers conditions are structured on an ethical environment, where they can get their fair wage for providing their skill, effort and knowledge.

Our clothing lines are kept simple, without launching tons of products every season, and by focusing on an Italian made artisan like quality.

Obviously we couldn’t support our vision if our packaging and products weren’t fully compostable. This is why we found that the solution is to offer you the possibility to compost the packaging and products at home, at the end life of the products.

Supporting the bees

We are an extraordinary clothing brand that goes the extra mile, with some of the proceeds of the sales, beehives are created, sustained and reproduced.

When you wear or buy Fund a Hive products you can stand up tall, knowing bees are thriving in protected environments, all thanks to your support.

Our beekeepers apply the natural approach. No chemicals are used and no more than 20% of the beehive honey is sold, this ensures beekeepers can support their income, while bees have enough supply to endure the hard winters.


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